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Airbergy.com was created originally as a website about Eric Bergoust (also known as Bergy) who has been devoted to Aerial Freestyle Skiing for almost 30 years. He helped revolutionize the sport by introducing a complete new way of twisting. Eventually he gained himself a spot in four Olympics, winning a gold medal at the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano Japan. His devotion has gained him recognition in the ski world and he has been inducted into the ski and snowboarders Hall of Fame.

For more information on Bergy, you can go to Eric’s Bio.

Towards the end of Bergy’s career in the competitive ski world, he decided to start distributing dry suits. These suits are often used for practicing aerial skiing into a pool. Once again he used his ingenuity. This time he redesigned / tailored the dry suits. These custom Airbergy dry suits are the standard suit used for training in that sport and are now being introduced to kite boarding, water skiing kayaking and other cold water type sports. The sewn in cuffs, also know as “seal guards”, help protect the rubber seal’s from being overly exposed to UV. This extends the life of the seals keeping them from prematurely drying out. The suit looks great in the air and ground thanks to the redesigned fit / cuffs.  The lower cuffs are made in a way to protect the suit from ski edges. Also, keeping in mind that aerialist need certain range of motion in the air, the suits have been designed especially for flipping and twisting.

Bergy’s younger brother’s Dan and Arlan have taken on the responsibility of selling / keeping inventory up for the Airbergy dry suit business. Dan (aka Big Dan B) and Arlan also have experience as freestyle aerial skier’s for the U.S. Ski team, performing aerial ski jumps together as the Flying Bergoust Brothers. After the skiing, Big Dan B went into the upholstery / sewing business.  He has taken that experience in sewing / design to the freestyle skiing world. Making alterations / enhancements to the ski suit uniforms used by some of the best skiers in the world. He is open to new ideas & prospects that have to do with sewing design / freestyle skiing. He is currently living in Hawaii and taking up Kite boarding. Arlan has always had a interest in creating music and you can check out his latest grooves at @ oneyearunderwater.bandcamp.com.

Airbergy strives to sell a good product at a fair price and in a timely manner. They will continue to keep the inventive spirit alive.



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