How to Fiberglass Your Skiis

Fiberglass reinforcement for water ramp skis.

1994 Eric Bergoust



CUT five stripes of mat fiberglass as wide as the ski (or enough to equal about 3/4cm thick under the toe piece when resin hardens.)          -three 94cm long              -two 37cm long


GRIND and cut shallow grooves into the top of the ski to rough the surface.


SECURE the skis base down with a 1″ X 4″ block under the mid-boot line and cement blocks on the tips and tails.


MIX resin and alternate applying resin and laying fiberglass. For more strength alternate laying woven and mat fiberglass. Use enough resin to soak the fiberglass cloth. Push or role out air pockets and as much excess resin as possible.


WAIT approximately 20-30 minutes, depending on temperature, for fiberglass to slightly harden.


CUT now or grind more later. Cut the excess fiberglass from the edges of the skis with a razor blade before it hardens. Be careful not to lift the fiberglass off the ski.


REMOVE BLOCKS two or more hours after the last resin is applied.


GRIND and sand the rough edges of the fiberglass



Wait 48 hours before using skis.

Fiberglass cloth and resin can be found at auto parts and boating stores.

The skis will usually break under the front of the toe piece or the tails will delaminate.

A 165lb aerialist doing triples needs at least 3/4cm of fiberglass under the toe piece.

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