Shaper’s Friend


I’ve spent countless hours shaping Aerial kickers over the last 20 years so I know the right tool can make all the difference in the world. AirBergy’s latest all metal shaping tool for ski & snowboard jumps makes my job easier, faster and more accurate so I decided to call it the “Shaper’s Friend.”

Our 2018 (blu or blk) model has a lower angled handle than our 2016 (red) model currently used by America’s Head Aerial Coach. The blade of each Shaper’s Friend is easily removed for sharpening or transport. Accessories will soon be offered, like a wider Finishing Blade and other types of interchangeable shaping plates.

My wooden handled grizzlies served me well for years of extreme use but the blades of both of them have fallen out of the handles. Getting them secured and centered back in the handle is not an easy fix. It’s especially difficult to get the blade lined up with the handle. Even if the blade has never fallen out, some wooden handles must be held off to one side in order to keep the blade cutting straight up the kicker. The Shaper’s Friend blade is bolted to a symmetrical blade-frame that is centered and welded to the handle. The process laser cut aluminum handles are more ridged and precise than wooden handles that can flex and bend while shaping.

Many traditional grizzly blades become high-centered, from left to right, making it difficult to create a flat skiing surface. Concave blades must be regularly sanded down in order to get closer to being as sharp and effective as a flat blade. The Shaper’s Friend keeps the blade flat and outperforms even the sharpest concave blades.

I hope my fellow shapers in Aerials, Moguls, Park & Pipe will enjoy using this new design as much as I have. It has evolved over years of use on the highest quality Aerial sites in the world.

-Eric Bergoust – “Bergy”

1998 Olympic Gold Medalist

17-Years on the US Ski Team with 15 World Cup Victories

2010-2013: US Ski Team Freestyle Development Head Coach

2013-2018: Independent Contractor for the US Ski Team (Shaper, A B & C Team Advisor & Coach, Uniform Tailoring, Trampoline Design.



  • Be mindful of your own safety as well as the safety of others.
  • After using your Shapers Friend, wipe away moisture before storing.
  • Store in dry place, safely away from pets, children, etc.


Shaper’s Friend with U.S. shipping added is $325

Shaper’s Friend local pick up at jumps is $300

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